We are cooling a hot condenser with cool water. It has been a long week and weekend! Will a standard JDM programmer work with this pic? How can we improve the input frequency range of graphical lcd oscilloscope? That means that they own the intellectual property rights to it. Can you check to see if the output of VEE is about V?

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The code works but the display is corrupted i think the LCD is too slow and I need to insert some delay. I need a coder who can edit a sqaure space site 5 days left.

Has any one tried out a two channel oscilloscope on pic18f with agm display?

What is the maximun frequency that you check it with it? The k0s108 address starts from 0xb8 and goes till 0xbf as shown below.

Ccs lcd 128×64 ks0108 jobs

I figure the way to do this is to just ccw a 5X7 pixel fill in its complementary value so all pixels are off to each of the characters Ks010 want to update and then update the new value characters. The modification should go to the innermost for loop m which changes the font size. Likewise, the voltage range can be change to V, Transitioning to a blog. Hello, I have the same situation as you with the error messages.


Unlike a 16 x 2 display, this does not have a character map for ascii values stored on its ROM. The reason for the text-in-the-middle is due to the fact that you may have accidentally switched the chip select CS lines.

Fri Mar 16, 8: The oscilloscope has a ks01108 in edge trigger function that can be set to capture on rise or fall or disabled altogether. The time scale for the display is variable and can be easily redefined using the changeTimeDivision function.

You can either use a potentiometer or a fixed resistor to set the brightness of your backlight. So printing something like Code: Ks01088 a standard JDM programmer work with this pic?

KS0108 Generic Library for PIC18F4550

See excerpt of code where I placed your suggested lines. We also design and implement an easy to navigate user interface in a constrained 16×2 screen while managing ccss interrupts. How can we improve the input frequency range of graphical lcd oscilloscope? Thu Jan 15, 8: Turns on the yellow led when distance goes below second threshold and displays on LCD “Brake applied”.


Please give comments on each line of the code.

CCS :: View topic – KS Driver For MikroElektronika EasyPic 4 Board

However it allows us the flexibility of creating fonts like Arial, times new roman etc. How can you hook the two together?

Full Circuit The source and firmware for the circuit can be found at the bottom of the page. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I am more of an AVR guy: Could you tell me which C compiler do you use?

Steve, Are you working on the new vcs of this little jewel? Please respond if you are interested in such small project. Mon Jan 19, 5: Below table provides the detailed info of all the GLCD pins. Thanks Remy from Genova Italy. I suppose that is what you are observing?

Write with Keil, kl25z.