Currect price comprise device with Microsoft Vista Bussines. Asus to make Eee PC and , dropping and If you like videos, iTunes, Internet surfing and typing, this computer is for you. Visit our network of sites: The processor speed of the Kohjinsha is mhz.

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I really love this computer, aside from the few minor problems. Even on the lowest wreless setting you can make out everything and on the highest setting it feels like a beam of light shooting a clear image of your desktop at you. It sounds pretty good for what it is. PC Watch has some live pix [ translated ] Kohjinsha.

Kohjinsha SH6WP10A User Review

With Mute Switch One has to see the size of it in person because videos and pictures do not do this little computer justice. Memory Stick Aireless Slot I went to Yodobashi Cameraa large electronics store, as I thought that would be an excellent choice to find a laptop.

Right side view of ports view large image.

I looked at other ultra portable laptops here in Japan as well as some Sony Vaio, and Toshiba brand computers. Below is some video of HD playing on the Kohjinsha, it looks much better in person, but this is just to give you an idea:. Kensington Security Slot Does it support handwriting with Microsoft OneNote? Since this is a Japanese machine, it will have Japanese placement, also some of the buttons are smaller than many people are used to, but the keyboard is very easy to use while taking notes and the keyboard is relatively quiet.

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To calculate 2 million places, this computer took 4 minutes 33 seconds. Most of the people who post claiming to recieve stuff from them are in fact the same guy, goes by the name archer loic. Microsoft Origami Experience 2. So far I have my pc which kohjjnsha a screened blac from time to time and affects the function n ka she wants and I know not even to go to repair it is seen that in nine Garate three months Allor reflechisser bie d buy avat especially expensive.

And if you calculate all, Conics will be more expensive. Currect price comprise device with Microsoft Vista Bussines.

UMPC – Kohjinsha SX4-VB

This laptop has 2 USB 2. More information can be found at: Asus to make Eee PC anddropping and For more information about the processor itself, please visit http: However, given the size of the notebook, it might be kind of hard.


The other button is a brightness control. I’m using mine right now in Detroit I wanted something that I could carry around and not worry about the weight. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Software that comes with the Kohjinsha includes: This one packs it all into a very small form Direct from Japan not serious, not honest and lying on the quality of the product, the invoice and warranty. Has it used the VIa openbook design?

kohjinshha For sure, bank transfert can sometime take somes days, but you can be sure than direct from wrieless will never stole your money And i personnaly ordered, like many other people from this shop in past. The thorough study of all the ergonomic aspects, the keyboard dimensions and the position of the main control keys allow a very simple usage — even standing. You can find the product here: Left side view of ports view large image.